Shopify is a complete package for creating online shops. It is designed to make it easy to get a website built quickly, and has a number of tools to let clients update stock quickly and to help them keep track of their sales. With Shopify you pay them a monthly fee to host the website.

We like to use Shopify when the main focus of the site is selling, rather than creating a unique design for the store. Because Shopify themes follow common design practices, you can be sure that your customers will find the layout familiar and be able to navigate through the purchasing easily.

Shopify’s popularity means that many retail stock systems support linking to it which can be a big benefit if you also sell products through a bricks and mortar store. Keeping stock levels up to date across both retail sites means that if you have a good day on the high street and sell out of some lines, then they will show as out of stock on the website.