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E-commerce sites range in scale from companies offering services online, to those needing to integrate the website with their existing stock, POS and CRM systems. Please read on to find out more about what would be involved.

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What is incuded in



Depending on the scale of your planned website, several meetings could be necessary to discuss your requirements. Where your website needs to integrate with your POS system, other front office systems, or back office systems like CRM, then we would need to agree the scale of the investigation to be carried out.

Proposal / layouts

A proposal would be produced outlining the phases of the project, with anticipated timescales, costings and the technologies to be used. It must be remembered however, that where integration with other systems is required, costings will be approximate. There are a number of excellent front office systems that integrate well with ecommerce systems like Magento, but that is not always the case, and where custom coding for third party applications is required, the costs can be unpredictable.


Once the proposal is accepted, development of your website would commence. At this stage, good communication with you and your team will be vital for the success of the project.


Once the website is completed it will go live for testing on my development server and you will have the opportunity to test the system and train your staff if appropriate.


SEO will be discussed at the initial meetings and options for this included in the proposal.

What is incuded in


Domain name

If you don't already have one, then you will need to purchase a domain name for your website. I can help you to choose a domain name and can also purchase and renew it each year for you but it does currently cost approximatly £15 per annum for a typical domain name.


The cost of hosting required will vary depending on the number of visitors to your site and the technologies employed. For a Magento website costs could be anywhere between £20 and £100 pcm, but for a simpler e-commerce site based on a CMS like Joomla, then £10 pcm would be more likely.

Updates to the CMS

The CMS requires any released updates to be applied swiftly and minor updates will be applied free of charge for the first year. An anual fee starting at £40 per annum will be charged after that for applying patches directly to the server. Where patches are to be tested on a development server prior to being applied on the live server, there will be additional charges to cover the additioanl work involved


The backup schedule required will be included in the proposal. For small scale systems, daily or even weekly backup of the database and files to an offline server might be sufficient and prices for this start at £40 per annum

SSL Certificate

For small scale e-commerce sites, I can provide a simple SSL certificate for £15.00 per annum. For larger ventures, I would recommend an OV / EV certificate.

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